song writing for dummies

(i hate this day (hair

(i really do (snare

(just wanna go to bad (bare

(but not with you (despair

(fuck off (scare

friday night in the little village i call home. we usually eat dinner together, but i'm not hungry and my fox are smoking weed. sometimes i wanna say that i grew up with the other kids from my village, but i can't, because they always hated me for some reason. they all like best friends and do stuff together and i always been left out. i think it's cruel growing up like this, but they become fucked up kids so i guess that's ok. i'm really not the one to go and talk to new people and i don't do well at large groups, so i end up alone anyway. i hope you're having a great day so far and that you're happy wherever you are.

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