I stood on the pier, wearing my winter clothes. The wind was gray and so do every cloud who sailed in the high sky. The water was so blue, I could almost think it's an acrilyc paint. I was the sadest parson on earth and than you came. At first you looked like a hores made of smoke, something monstrous. Your eyse were all black. You stampede towords me and than you became this enormous giant lady-like monster with big metal claws. I was so scared I couldn't moved. You wrapped me up in your gray smoke and I couldnt berath. You looked evil, wicked. Than in one sacond you thraw me in the cold, blue water, and held my head with your big hand under it. Your vicious face was all over me and for thirty seconds I swallowed the acrylic water. I heard you saying how much you hate me and how much you want me to suffer. I had never been so scared my whole life. Than I woke up in an wooden attic and you stood right behind me. I asked you to reavel your true face and everything started from the start, only this time the air was black and and there were no clouds in the sky. h

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